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When the greatest candy in the world is merged with comics, you get Pixy Stix Comix, and this website. Most of these pages were made on a sugar high (provided by a bag or two of Pixy Stix), which is why it's named Pixy Stix Comix.
The comics featured here are the ones I collect, and it seems to be growing. Check back often for new titles, and new issues are added each and every week. Almost all of the scans are done, and I'm starting work on the issue pages.
I'm missing some issues. If you have the missing issues, please contact me at DougDinneen@biogate.com and tell me, and how much you want for them.
SITE REDESIGN! People were complaining about the long load times with the new graphics, so there are even NEWER graphics for each page now! Less load time for each comic you enjoy!
EEK! I'm running out of space on this server. Does anyone know of a FREE server with more than 11 megs? Probably not, but hopefully someone does. If you do, please e-mail me at DougDinneen@biogate.com and tell me! Enjoy!
BTW, whatever happened to Chase? The last issue I've gotten is #7, and that was MONTHS ago! Anyone know? E-Mail me!

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